Golden Hill fifth-grade students move on to middle school

Our Golden Hill fifth-grade students are heading to Seward! The three classes at Golden Hill celebrated individually with their parents/guardians in attendance on a beautiful Thursday morning, June 17.

A line of fifth-grade students, all wearng graduation caps, are walking toward the camera. On the right is a teacher wearing a long yellow dress and playing a drum.

This year the students created and decorated graduation caps – a first! They were led from the building to the ceremony where their families awaited by the drumming of Mrs. Risedorph.

A woman with a black and white polka dot dress smiles as she poses with a fifth-grade student. The student is a young woman with a tie-dye shirt. She is wearing a blue graduation cap. They both have short brown hair and are smiling.

Principal Deborah Lisack reminded the students that they have overcome so much this past year and should be so proud of themselves for it. She talked to them about a book they had read in class, “Amal Unbound” by Aisha Saeed and chose a quote for them from it as they head to the middle school at S. S. Seward: “Making choices even when they scare you because you know it’s the right thing to do – that’s bravery.”

A girl with a big smile and wearing a white shirt holds her decorated graduation cap in front of her. She is smiling and has chin-length curl black hair.

Congratulations to our newly-minted middle school students! Be brave!

A teacher wearing a green check dress stands with a young male student who is holding his certificate. He has on a blue button-down shirt, glasses  and a blue graduation cap. They are in front of a sign that says Congratulations! Good Luck 5th Grade! A fifth grade girl wearing a blue graduation cap and a blue and white dress. holds her certificate in her right hand way up high and her left arm is stretched out on the other side of her. Behind her is blue sky and green trees. A fifth-grade girl with long dark hair smiles and holds up two certificates she received.