Golden Hill celebrates Read Aloud to a Child Week

The week of Oct. 21-27 is Read Aloud to a Child Week, and Golden Hill parents and guardians are invited to join families across the United States in celebrating.

Students gather under an umbrella held open by principal Debbi Lisack
Here we are reading our book of the month, “The Big Umbrella!”

To participate, simply choose a book that your child will enjoy and commit to reading together for about 20 minutes each night for the week.

The goal of Read Aloud to a Child Week is to emphasize the importance of reading aloud to children. Research shows that reading aloud to children may in fact be the most important activity parents can share with children to help them become strong readers. Reading aloud builds a strong parent-child bond that can last a lifetime.

If nightly reading isn’t possible, try 20-minute sessions spread over the weekend.

“Reading develops language skills,” said Golden Hill Principal Deborah Lisack. “While you may speak with your children every day, the vocabulary we use can be limited and repetitive. Let’s give Read Aloud Week a try!”