Fire Safety Week at Golden Hill: Firefighters are our friends and neighbors

Students interact with firefighter outside fire engine“The fire trucks are coming!” was all the buzz at Golden Hill Elementary for the last two days. This morning when they finally pulled up to the school building, fresh from some real-life action around town, students couldn’t be more excited. 

Firefighter helps student lift a heavy tool while other students look onAs part of the annual Fire Safety Week, the men and women of the Florida Fire District spent generous time with our students discussing their role and sharing important safety tips.

Two fully-geared firefighters stand in front of a school assemblyStudents learned about calling for help, the safest way to leave the scene of a fire, “Stop, Drop and Roll” exercises, and the importance of having a designated meeting place. To help children feel safe in their care, and know what to expect in the event of a fire rescue, fully-outfitted firefighters, with masks and respirators, demonstrated how they search a fire scene and what their call might sound like. 

Teacher helps student off fire engine cabinStudents also enjoyed a close look at fire engines, learned how equipment is used to save lives, climbed inside the engine cabin, and tried on firefighting coats and hats.

Student tries on firefighter hatGolden Hill Elementary expresses its appreciation to our local fire department for making time to educate our students, and for all they do to help keep our homes and families safe. 

Two students laugh as one tried on a heavy firefighter coat