“Cooking with Gina” introduces Golden Hill students to healthy recipes, new tastes

Health News from Marlene Lysack, R.N.

Golden Hill Elementary School Nurse

Golden Hill students have learned how to cook some of their favorite foods in healthy, delicious ways in the “Cooking with Gina” club.
Several of Golden Hill’s Junior Wellness Committee members expressed an interest in cooking classes. This interest was shared with Gina McAteer, Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Expert at Warwick ShopRite.
The students see Gina monthly when she brings a new fruit or vegetable to Golden Hill for Harvest Day. Tasting these new foods has supported our commitment to the promotion of wellness and healthy eating for our school community.
Eleven students met with Gina for three cooking sessions.  They got to peel, slice, dice, taste, smell and finally cook the recipe of the day.  Sautéed onions, garlic and asparagus was delicious and some students later made it for their families.
Cauliflower fried rice was next.  Students did a lot of dicing but it was worth all the effort.  They did not miss the rice!
They also prepared blueberry pancakes and banana pancakes.  The banana pancakes were made with only eggs and bananas – some added a hint of cinnamon. They were delicious and the students were eager to share them with their families.
A big thank you to Gina McAteer and ShopRite for supporting this experience for our students. The students were told one of the rules for the class was to have fun and they all followed that rule without any reminders.