Budget & Taxes

Annual School Board Election and Budget Vote

Each year district residents are provided with an opportunity to vote on the annual school district budget. The budget vote is held on the third Tuesday in May according to NY State law. Informational meetings regarding the budget are held prior to the annual meeting. Copies of the budget are available in the central office 14 days prior to the vote.

Elections for seats on the board of education are also conducted during the annual district meeting.

Budget Calendar for 2019-2020

    Budget Calendar Adopted-October 18, 2018

    Budget Goals & Objectives-January 3, 2019

    Preliminary Budget to BOE-January 25, 2019

    Budget Work Session #1 (Overview/Revenue)-February 7, 2019

    Tax Levy Limit Data Due to OSC-February 22, 2019

    Budget Work Session #2 (Administrative & Capital Components)-March 7, 2019

    First Legal Notice-April 3, 2019

    BOE Nominating Petitions Available-April 3, 2019

    Absentee Ballots Available-April 3, 2019

    Budget Work Session #3 (Program Component/Overview)-April 4, 2019

    Second Legal Notice-April 17, 2019

    BOE Nominating Petitions Due 5:00 P.M.-April 22, 2019

    Budget Presentation & Adoption-April 25, 2019

    Approval of Property Tax Report Card-April 25, 2019

    Property Tax Report Card Submission-April 26, 2019

    Administrative Salary Disclosure-April 26, 2019

    Proposed Budget Available-April 26, 2019

    Mail Absentee Ballots-April 30-May 14, 2019

    Third Legal Notice-May 1, 2019

    Budget Copies Available to Public-May 7-21, 2019

    Budget Hearing-May 9, 2019

    Mail Budget Notice-May 10, 2019

    Final Day to receive Absentee Ballots if mailed to voters-May 14, 2019

    Fourth Legal Notice-May 15, 2019

    BOE Campaign Expenses filed with District Clerk-May 16, 2019

    ANNUAL BUDGET VOTE-May 21, 2019 – 6:00 am to 9:00 pm in the S.S. Seward Memorial Building

    Absentee Ballots to be submitted by 5:00 pm on May 21, 2019

    Voter Registration

    In order to vote on the district budget and for school board candidates, individuals must:

    • Reside in the district at least 30 days preceding the vote
    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Be a U. S. citizen

    Absentee Ballots

    Absentee ballots are available to those registered voters who are unable to appear in person at the polls due to illness or physical disability, hospitalization or travel. An application must be submitted for an absentee ballot. Applications for absentee ballots must be received by the district clerk at least seven days prior to the vote if the ballot will be mailed or the day before the vote if the ballot will be picked up. Ballots must be received by 5 p.m. on the day of the vote.

    New York State Report Cards

    New York State Report Cards are an important part of the Board of Regents’ effort to raise learning standards for all students. It provides information to the public on school and district enrollment and staff, student performance, and other measures of school and district performance. Knowledge gained from the report card on a school’s or district’s strengths and weaknesses can be used to improve instruction and services to students.

    You can find current Report Cards for the Florida Union Free School District, Golden Hill Elementary School, and S.S. Seward Institute on the New York State Education Department website. The site is easy to navigate and provides educational data so all interested parties can be better informed as they work to advance student achievement.