And it’s on to first grade!

It was a beautiful day for Golden Hill’s outdoor kindergarten recognition ceremonies on Thursday, June 10. Each of the three classes  – Mrs. Tutko, Ms. Beneat and Ms. McBride – had its own ceremony. Parents gathered, socially distanced, and watched as their kindergarten students received their certificates and performed an adorable song in sign language, “May There Always Be Sunshine.” Music teacher Mrs. Risedorph led them in their performance. They have been practicing very hard for this and it showed!

A kindergarten girl holds up her kindergarten diploma. She is wearing apink dress and a enim jacket. She has long curly dark hair that is pulled back. In the background is a blue sky and green trees.

Afterwards, the students ran to their parents and proceeded to play with their classmates.

A little girl dressed in white hugs her mom, also dressed in white and sitting on a blue chair. A man wearing a black and white shirt sits nextto them smiling. A little girl hugs her dad who is sitting in a chair. She has blonde hair and is wearing an orange dress.

This was a very special day for all of the children and their families. But it was triple the fun for the Peters family. Brittany and Matthew Peters spent the entire morning at Golden Hill, excitedly watching all three ceremonies. One of their triplets – Henry, Matthew and Genevieve – was in each of the classes!

A family of five. A woman on the left in a flowered shirt and sunglasses, long brown hair. A man on the right, with a beard, blue shirt and gray shorts. They are kneeling. In between them are three kindergarten kids - a girl in a pink dress, and two boys both wearing white shirts with polka dots on them. The boy in the middle is holding a kindergarten diploma.
The Peters family with their three kindergarten students.

“We are so happy to be able to do this,” said Principal Deborah Lisack, who spoke at each of the ceremonies, thanking parents for their support throughout the year and complimenting them on their children.

Two kindergarten girls, one with long dark hair wearing a black sundress, the other with long brown hair wearing a pink print dress. They are both holding kindergarten certificates. They are outside standing in a field of grass.

Three kindergarten kids stand together all holding up their kindergarten diplomas. Two girls and a boy on the right.

These newly-minted first graders are ready to take on new challenges.

Three kindergarten children, a girl on the left with long dark hair and a light green dress, a girl in the center with a pink cast on her leg, a purple dress and a yellow bow in her long curly hair, and a boy on the right, wearing red shorts and a white shirt. All are holding kindergarten certificates.Eight kindergarten girls stand together, smiling. They are all wearing sun dresses and smiling. In the background are trees and blue sky.