COVID-19 Testing Information

Question COVID-19 (Swab Test) Antibody Test (Fingerstick or Vein)
What is it testing? Tells you if you are currently infected and/or contagious for COVID-19 Tests you for previous infection. Tests for immune system molecules that fight off the virus.
Will this test determine if I am currently contagious? Yes No
What is the test like? Q-tip swab in the mouth or nose Simple blood sample
When is the disease detected? 2-3 days after contracting virus Cannot be detected for up to 10-14 days after contracting virus
How long will it take to get results? 3-4 days 1-2 days

COVID-19 Testing Locations

Disclaimer: Below is not a complete list of all testing facilities and is accurate as of the date of creation of this document (May 8). Please contact your primary care provider or hospital for updated testing information.

Facility COVID-19 Testing (Standard or Rapid) Antibody Testing
(Finger Stick or Vein)
Anthony Wayne Recreation
(888) 364-3065
Standard N/A
Bon Secours
Standard Vein
Cornerstone Healthcare (845)563-8000 Standard Vein
Crystal Run Healthcare (845)703-6999 Standard Vein
Elite Healthcare (845)782-4000 Standard Vein
Excel & Orange Urgent Care (845)703-2273 Standard Vein
Ezra Chollim
Standard N/A
Horizon Family Medical Group (800)859-0085 Rapid Vein
Middletown Medical Rapid Vein
Montefiore, St. Luke’s Newburgh
Rapid Vein
Orange Regional Medical Center (845)333-1000 Standard N/A
Rambam Care
Standard Vein
St. Anthony’s
Standard Vein