A welcome message from Board President John T. Redman

On behalf of the entire Board of Education, it’s a pleasure to welcome students, faculty and staff back to a new school year. We are a small district with big dreams and big accomplishments, and the support of a great community. It’s those combined efforts that make the Florida Union Free School District so special.

We continue to offer substantial numbers of college credit courses, our pre-K program has set the standard for other districts to follow, our technology systems and resources are the envy of larger districts, and we keep improving those resources all the time.

In spite of continued stress from state mandates and regulations, our educators, administrators and business office staff all work together for the efficient use of budgets and funds, and our physical facilities are in top notch condition thanks to a terrific team in maintenance and operations.

We take seriously our mission of educating our most precious resource, our young people, while engendering in them a love of learning that we hope will stay with them past their time here in Florida. We are grateful for the community support we get for our athletic and extracurricular programs, and especially the parents for their unwavering enthusiasm for our kids and our programs.

Again, a warm welcome to everyone, and don’t hesitate to let us know your concerns or your accolades. Here’s to another great school year!

John T. Redman, President
Board of Education