A big Golden Hill welcome to the chicks

The kindergarten classes at Golden Hill continued a wonderful spring tradition: they observed eggs incubating and eventually chicks being born right in their classrooms!

A styrofoam case with yellow grids holding 22 eggs. There is a thermometer at the top.

For about three weeks, the eggs were cozy and warm in their incubators in Mrs. Tutko, Ms. Beneat and Ms. McBride’s classes as the students learned about their development. Then, on the 21st and 22nd days, the chicks emerged!

The students were mesmerized by their new furry friends, who had been ordinary looking eggs just a short time ago.

A young boy with short blonde hair wearing a green mask with dinosaurs on it and a red sweatshirt holds a baby chick out in front of him. He is in a kindergarten classroom.
Kindergarten student Henry is holding one of the chicks who had emerged just four days earlier! He named him…Henry!

Principal Deborah Lisack said the eggs, which they received from Cross Creek Farm in New Hampton, had to be turned every night. Thanks to Cornell Cooperative Extension, this year’s equipment included incubators with automatic egg turners!

Little chicks in a lit glass case. There are shavings on the floor of it. There are mostly brown chicks with one yellow one and one a light brown and yellow mix.

The fuzzy chicks broke through their shells on May 11 and 12 and the students are loving them! Soon the chicks head back to live their lives on the farm.