Seward’s kitchen serves up student-made pizza

Students rolling pizza dougSome take the course because their friends told them it’s a lot of fun. Some like learning how to make stuff. Some like cooking and being in the kitchen. But regardless of motivation, students in Mrs. Wagner’s food and nutrition course are fully engaged and like one big family when it’s time to make and taste another recipe.

Students smoothing tomato sauce over pizza doughThis week students were challenged to come up with a pizza recipe involving ingredients from all five food groups, which were the subject of a recent unit. Inspiration came from tropical Hawaii and, together with the warmth of the ovens and the smell of baking dough in Seward’s  kitchen, no one knew it was cold and gray outside.

Students adding ingredients to pizza dough

Part of the family and consumer sciences curriculum, this mixed-grade elective helps develop the skills needed to select, prepare, and serve food with nutritional needs in mid. Taking an hands-on, applied learning approach, the course is also an opportunity to explore careers in the food services’ field. Interested students can build on related knowledge and skills by taking the global and gourmet foods course.

Three students show off a pizza they just got out of the oven