Golden Hill Principal’s Corner, November 2017

A message from Golden Hill Principal Debbi Lisack

Hello everyone!  We hope everyone is enjoying our fall weather, although it did seem like summer did not want to leave!
October is just flying by! We had an exciting dress up Spirit Week. Our students and staff looked so alive dressed in school colors; in red, white and blue, and even pajamas!
Fire prevention was an awesome opportunity to be visited by our local fire department which again managed to teach our students valuable lessons in fire safety. They had a new addition to their fleet – a mini ‘talking’ fire truck – and he captured the show for our students.

A volunteer firefighter in front of a fire truck speaks to a group of elementary students about fire safety.
Volunteer firefighters gave Golden Hill students a lesson in fire safety.

Their whole team efforts and hard work did not go unnoticed. They are even coming back for lunch with our students to reinforce lessons on fire safety. How lucky are we!

In an effort to promote our school theme of “I Can Learn Anything!” we are:
Doing workshops for parents to discuss the theme and the premise of growth mindset
I’ll be reading to students each month, and I’ve chosen various books to support students’ belief that they can learn and to not give up! So far, I’ve read  “You Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle,” “It is Okay to Make a Mistake,” and “It’s Okay.”
November brings an array of events to Golden Hill as well!

  • Nov. 1-3: Scholastic Book Fair
  • Nov. 2 and Nov. 8: Parent/Teacher Conferences at 5:30-7:30 p.m. Don’t forget to sign up!
  • Nov. 14: Bring a Friend to Lunch, Grade 4
  • Nov. 15: Kindergarten Feast and Show
  • Nov. 18: The Golden Hill Holiday Market

Thank you everyone for supporting our school and our students. Enjoy the nice fall weather before winter is on our doorstep!


Debbi Lisack
Golden Hill Principal