Golden Hill Principal’s Corner, March 2018

Dear Golden Hill families and friends,

Hello everyone!

During the last couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to spend time in all of the classrooms at Golden Hill.
Here are some of the learning experiences unfolding every day:

  • In a Grade 1 classroom our students were skyping with a Grade 1 class in Old Bridge, NJ. They were doing a “Mystery Letter” skype and had to guess the other class’ letter by asking specific questions such as, “Does it have a
    diagonal line?” and, “Is it in the first half of the alphabet?” They were so excited!
  • Our Grade 5 students had the wonderful opportunity to become Junior EMTs with Mr. Palacino, a graduate of Golden Hill, leading them in their endeavor. They were so proud!
  • Our kindergarten students were fortunate to have a visit from Danielle Ciarfella, who has been teaching in the martial arts for more than 25 years. She spoke to them with a focus on words such as self-control, respect,
    perseverance, integrity, and spirit. It was such a powerful message.
  • Two little girls sit on the floor reading a book together
    We love to read together!

    For World Read Aloud Day, students in a Grade 2 class paired up a kindergarten class and enjoyed sharing their favorite stories. We all love World Read Aloud Day!

  • A group of Grade 2 students were doing a Google hangout with Tara Lazar, author of Little Red Gliding Hood. It was so magical with her on the screen telling the story to our students!
  • Our Grade 3 students were able to ‘hangout’ with Josh Funk, a famous author who shared knowledge of his new book “How to Code a Sandcastle,” which has not even been published yet!
  • Our prekindergarten class students were oh so busy creating design masterpieces from tinker toys. They used critical thinking skills and made some exquisite designs. I helped build a super bridge.
  • I had the chance to visit our Grade 4 students during a physical education class and the students were actively engaged in a basketball learning experience. Not only were they physically active, they were enjoying learning.
  • How lucky am I to have read the picture book, “Stick and Stone” by Beth Ferry to our entire school? What a powerful message for our students on friendship and kindness. If you get the chance, check it out or ask your child. It is one of our new favorites!
  • Our entire school participated in the Kindness Challenge for Random Acts of Kindness Week. Everyone received a pencil with a special message, surprise notes upon arrival (thank you to S.S. Seward students), kindness challenges,
    and appreciation stations. We had so much fun!
  • We also celebrated 100 days of school! What a busy month of learning!
    Thank you for supporting us at Golden Hill Elementary!


    Debbi Lisack,
    Golden Hill Elementary