Board of Education

The voters of the district elect the members of the board of education to three-year terms of office. Candidates for the board run “at-large” rather than for a specific seat. School board members serve without pay.

The duties of the board of education are set forth in education law. Establishing district policy is one of the most important functions of the board. Ensuring compliance with state and federal mandates, judicial decisions and other regulatory agencies is another required board function.

Each month the board of education holds a work session and a regular meeting. The work session is conducted so members of the board may study an issue or policy prior to taking action at a regular meeting.

Work sessions are typically held on the first Thursday of each month and regular meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. Board meetings are listed in the calendar.

Board Members

John T. Redman, President

Timothy Beattie, Vice President

Howard Cohen

Robert Scheuermann

Meg Sgombick

Leta L. Jagielski, District Clerk